The kiteworks Mobile App for MobileIron

The kiteworks mobile app is integrated with MobileIron AppConnect™ and is part of a trusted ecosystem of apps that enable organizations to segregate their business data. With the AppConnect™ integration, the kiteworks Mobile File Sharing solution provides easy access and sharing of corporate content combined with greater security, global app controls and granular policy management.


Accellion and MobileIron

The kiteworks mobile app for MobileIron takes advantage of security capabilities provided by AppConnect, including:

  • Confirm identity through domain username and password for authentication. Only approved users can access business apps. Once confirmed, all AppConnect™ apps become accessible.
  • Authorize app usage globally or at the individual user level.
  • Set policies to automatically deauthorize or retire apps (including remotely wiping data), if a device is compromised (jail-broken, includes illegal applications).
  • Enable passcodes centrally for accessing an app, manage passcode complexity, and set passcode timeouts through policy across the AppConnect™ ecosystem.
  • Set restriction policies (copy/paste usage, open-in accessibility), so sensitive data cannot be misappropriated.
  • Manage and dynamically update app policies centrally.
  • Review statistics to assess app adoption and overall utilization.
  • Revoke access to individual apps and additionally delete all secured data associated with the apps.

Key features of the joint kiteworks and AppConnect Solution:

  • Securely share enterprise content while content policies such as cut/paste, and open-in, and access controls are transparently managed and applied without impeding end-user productivity.
  • Securely exchange content with other AppConnect™ enabled applications, delivering greater control over content movement between apps.
  • Provide individual app passcodes or access to the AppConnect™ ecosystem via a single passcode.
  • Enforce app level policies. If an app or device policy is violated, or if there is a need to revoke app level access, the app, its container, and all of its contents can be selectively wiped.
Accellion and MobileIron Diagram

The kiteworks Mobile App with MobileIron AppConnect™ offers greater security, global app controls and granular policy management.