Organizations can extend Accellion secure file sharing capabilities with the Automation Solution Suite to enable flexible on/off ramps for moving data in and out of business applications, securely and efficiently. The flow of digital files can be automated from one business application to another, from one business user to another, and any combination of application and user, for increased business efficiency, using the Accellion Automation Suite. View Accellion Automation Suite Datasheet >>

Accellion Automation Agent and APIs

Flexible toolset for automating secure file sharing. Enables implementation of rules for automatic upload and download of files. Custom high level scripting configures the Automation Agent for specific organizational needs. Accellion APIs provides an easy to use interface and are accessible over SSL in any web-aware programming language from any platform. View Accellion Automation Agents Datasheet >>

Accellion Envelope Designer

Enables capture and delivery of valuable meta-data associated with a file. Easy to use design tool enables creation of custom file delivery envelopes to capture contextual meta-data greatly enriching the business process. View Accellion Envelope Designer Datasheet >>

Accellion SMTP Satellite

Routes large files originating from business applications and multi-function scanner/copier/printers through Accellion for security and email performance. View Accellion SMTP Satellite Datasheet >>

Accellion SFTP Satellite

Enables enterprises and government agencies to consolidate secure file sharing into one managed system. The Accellion SFTP eliminates the need for standalone SFTP servers. View SFTP Satellite Datasheet >>