Cloud Deployment Options

Organizations looking for flexibility of deployment select kiteworks as it offers the industry’s widest set of enterprise cloud file sharing deployment options including private cloud (on-premise or hosted), as well as hybrid cloud.

Key Features

  • Private Cloud (On-Premise)
    Private cloud on-premise deployment ensures complete control over the availability, integrity, and confidentiality of information. Accellion is the industry’s leading provider of private cloud file sharing solutions. Accellion offers an easy to install and manage on-premise solution for VMware virtualized environments, enabling rapid enterprise-wide deployment.
  • Private Cloud (Hosted)
    Private cloud hosted deployment provides the flexibility and scalability of a managed service offering while ensuring high levels of security and control. With an Accellion private cloud hosted solution there is no co-mingling of application data, delivering a greatly reduced risk of data exposure and leakage.
  • Hybrid Cloud
    Enterprises with global deployments can seamlessly combine on-premise deployments for major offices and hosted deployments for satellite offices to rapidly scale their own IT infrastructure. Accellion's hybrid cloud solution combines the control of the private cloud with the flexibility of hosted cloud solutions.