Online File Sharing

To enhance productivity and increase collaboration within and across teams, enterprises and government agencies require solutions that enable workers to securely share up-to-date content wherever. With a mobile first user-interface, kiteworks enables users to quickly share content securely with internal and external recipients. Users can take advantage of a real-time activity stream to quickly monitor and track file and folder activities for increased productivity and to enable real-time collaboration both inside and outside the office.

  • Online Collaboration
    Facilitates project and team collaboration between internal and external users, inside and outside the office via secure folders, providing a secure alternative to FTP. Useful for distributed team collaboration, client projects and for virtual data rooms and deal rooms. Read More >>
  • Secure File Transfer
    Enables users to securely send files and folders to internal and external recipients from any type of device, including smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops. Provides comprehensive user and file management controls to minimize IT support and enable data security and compliance. Read More >>
  • Enterprise File Sync
    Enables business professionals to access the latest content, from any device, and work from wherever. 
  • FTP Replacement
    Enables organizations to replace legacy FTP software and services with private cloud file sharing capabilities. Read More >>