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Creating The Best Fantasy Sharing Team of 2014


The sight of trees turning golden red, and the sounds of grown men screaming at the TV can only mean one thing – its football season. But why accept only the players your team’s coaching staff has chosen? Why not go the extra yard, go beyond what Harbaugh was able to do, and create the best team of 2014?

Taking kiteworks Global with our New Partner Program


Disruptive technology advancements will always drive shifts in channel sales behavior, as both vendors and solution providers move towards new requirements and solutions. We’re seeing this in the market now, as mobile solutions continue to evolve and enterprises struggle to deploy the right kinds of technologies to support business benefits and assist in transformation of their old business models to new ones.

Healthcare Organizations Suffering Data Breaches from Stolen Devices


There have been so many news stories of sophisticated data breaches lately that it’s easy to overlook more mundane ways that confidential data can be lost or stolen.

Unfortunately, ordinary data breaches still occur. For example, earlier this year two healthcare organizations cumulatively lost tens of thousands of data records earlier this year because of lost USB flash drives or data sticks. The data breaches were large enough to trigger the HIPAA requirement that they be listed on the data breach Web site of the Department of Health and Human Services.

Balancing the Longer Hours of a BYOD Worker with Greater Security Risks


Three out of four managers surveyed recently by BMC Software say BYOD is a big productivity boost.

There’s a very good reason for this - at the end of the day, employees bring those same devices home, where they use them for additional work late in the evening and early in the morning. That extra work would be difficult or impossible to accomplish if the only computers employees had were desktop systems that stayed in the office.

Only You Can Prevent Data Leaks


A staggering 822 million records were exposed by data breaches in 2013, according to research firm Risk Based Security. Data breaches compel organizations to look at their network infrastructure and security processes, and shore up areas where inadvertent data leaks are taking place.

Bringing More Transparency to our Industry


As anyone who follows the EFSS market can tell you, it's an insanely crowded and competitive space to operate within. In order to stay ahead, you need to make sure potential customers understand exactly what benefits they're getting from your solution.

The Lesson from Shadow IT? Workers Want Easy-to-Use Services for Getting Work Done


The phrase “Shadow IT” refers to products and services used by employees without the knowledge or approval of the IT department.

Shadow IT is everywhere: it can be found in just about any department of any organization. When Frost & Sullivan surveyed line of business (LOB) and IT managers, they found that 80% of respondents admitted using non-approved SaaS applications for their work. Moreover, the survey found:

In-house Counsel Should Take BYOD Risks Seriously


In many organizations, decisions about mobile technology are made primarily or exclusively by the IT and IT security departments working together.

Can't All of Your Enterprise Content Just Get Along?


In how many different places does your enterprise data reside? Think about what’s stored on-premise versus in the cloud. Are you using SharePoint and other ECM systems? What about Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive? Have you lost count?


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