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Enterprise File Sharing - IT Jeopardy

Promoted as the biggest contest of "man vs. machine" since Deep Blue took on Kasparov, this week's Jeopardy face-off betwen Watson, IBM's computer creation, and the show's previous grand champions is great entertainment. Regardless of who, or what ultimately wins, it's a thought provoking experiment and spectacle.

I checked out the New York Times online link to play a personal, one-on-one game of Jeopardy against Watson. I was reasonably sharp on "Historic Fashion" and "What me Worry?" but Watson had the edge on "Before and Now" and "A Musical Pastiche". For each question, whether you get it right or wrong, Watson provides details on what it would have answered and the other possible answers it considered. For example:

Question: This 19th-century dress support is a synonym for excited activity; don't be alarmed if there's one in your hedgerow
Answer: Bustle
Other Answers Watson considered: Boot, Bodice, Crinoline
It got me thinking about questions that might give Watson or the other contestants an advantage.  Recognizing that Watson is after all a computer, it probably has the edge on any computer, IT-related questions - you would think.  In tribute to this great computer experiment/media stunt, here's our proposed question category with some sample questions.  Too easy you may say, but try asking these questions within your organization. May the best human/machine win.

Category - Enterprise File Sharing

Question: Information that takes up most of the storage on an email system?
Answer: Files

Question: A small device, named after part of the hand, used to transport files, easy to lose?
Answer: Thumb drive

Question: Healthcare regulation that restricts the sharing of personal health information?
Answer: HIPAA

Question:  An event that typically makes headline news involving the loss of information?
Answer: Data Breach

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