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"Forget telling execs they can't use their new shiny iPad"

Thanks Mike Rothman, analyst and president at security research firm Securosis, for pointing out in this week's CSO article by George Hulme, that denying execs the use of their shiny new iPads is not going to make anyone popular. We agree with you Mike, "You have to try to find a way to secure these devices the best you can."

Judging by the lines outside the Apple stores, more iPads are heading into the enterprise, so this issue is not going away. What's the big deal with iPads? George Hulme sums it up perfectly "One of the biggest challenges the consumerization of IT creates for the enterprises is the lack of control over where work data is stored and how it's shared on user devices."

So if your execs are starting to show their high-tech flair, bringing iPads into the office - here's our Accellion iPad security tip to keep everyone happy and secure:

Implement Accellion Secure Collaboration so that execs have secure access to sensitive information from their iPads but the information is stored on secure servers not on their iPads.

The result:

i) Your execs get to use their shiny new iPads to easily and securely access and share information with internal and external users.

ii) Confidential information is stored securely on IT managed servers.

iii) You have complete tracking of all file activity including dates and times of all downloads, uploads and recipients.

iv) When your exec leaves their iPad at the client site, on the train, in a conference room, you don't need to call in a SWAT team, Accellion has you covered and your files are safe.

Here's a link to more information about Accellion mobile apps. It's the app every exec with a shiny iPad needs, so they don't tarnish your company's security.

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