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It's Not Personal - It's Business

Employees at Wells Fargo really shouldn't take it personally that their CIO, Wayne Mekjian, won't let them use personal devices to access the corporate network - it's just business.  In today's Network World article entitled "Wells Fargo says no to personal smartphones and tablets, period" it's obvious Wayne is serious about financial data security and responsibility.  And who's to blame him, after the financial scandals and meltdown of the past few years, CIOs in the financial industry should be on red alert to avoid embarrassing data breaches.  You have to applaud Wayne for taking a stand for information security.

It's not like Wayne won't let his folks use smartphones and tablets - he just wants them to be Wells-Fargo issued.  So who's complaining? Provisioning employees with the necessary tools to be efficient and productive, whether that be devices or software, seems a reasonable responsibility for any organization.  As long as the organization isn't too restrictive in their provisioning.

We continue to be amazed at how many organizations still fail to provision their users with the ability to securely share information across organizational boundaries. Legal documents, contracts, product designs, software under development, medical records, marketing campaigns, sales data, financial results, board communications are routinely shared with people outside the corporate network and all potentially contain sensitive IP and confidential personal information. Yet many enterprise users are not provisioned with an approved method for sharing files securely.  The use of personal file sharing accounts is an unfortunate but common workaround. If ever there was a security hole to plug, the file sharing hole is one to plug, and fast.

So Wayne Mekjian, thanks for taking a stand for security, you are our Accellion CIO hero of the week.

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