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Forget the iPod, who wants a cassette deck?

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Last weekend marked the 40th anniversary of the introduction of the File Transfer Protocol (FTP). While FTP certainly isn’t pretty to use, it has served a purpose.  Originally designed to enable programmers to move files between systems, FTP has continued to serve that purpose nobly for the past 40 years.

However IT departments who have used FTP as the basis for employees to share files across the enterprise, have had less successful results.

Giving FTP to business users as a file sharing solution is akin to imagining your users would be happy using a 40 year old music player rather than an iPod.  As great as the high fidelity cassette deck was when introduced in January of 1971, which would you choose today: the cassette deck or the latest iPod?

FTP sites are notoriously difficult for business users to use and time consuming for IT to administer.  They require too many IT hours for account set-up and there is no easy way to know who has active accounts and who has accessed a particular file. IT administrators are left responsible for creating and deleting accounts and files, an important but tedious process that too often gets pushed to the back burner.  When files and FTP accounts are not terminated in a timely manner, businesses are exposed to security risks.

It’s time to move on.  Technology continues to evolve. Think how much happier your users will be with the file sharing equivalent of the iPod – it’s called Accellion Secure File Transfer and Collaboration.

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