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The Data Breach that Keeps on Giving

The Epsilon data breach of last week keeps on giving, with millions of email notifications being sent out from the companies affected, informing recipients of the incident.  The New York Times has weighed in and made recommendations for Congress to address this type of failure for consumers with an editorial “Who Really Sent That E-Mail?”

The breach at Epsilon underscores the urgent need for a federal standard of data safety that ensures companies follow adequate policies and procedures to protect consumers’ information and determines companies’ legal liability for breaches. As Congress debates new data privacy rules, it should put data security at the forefront.

We agree with the The New York Times about the importance of protecting consumer information and hope Congress and more companies take data security seriously.  Trusting third party marketers with your data is a risk, but there are ways to mitigate the risks and share securely.  A big part of why corporations and government agencies deploy Accellion is to be able to keep track of who is using what data when, internally and across organizational boundaries.

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