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Top Ten Reasons You Need Secure Collaboration

10.  Your company has already had a data breach. Don’t make the same mistake twice.  According to a recent survey by McAfee, only half of the companies who have had a data breach or attempted data breach, have taken steps to remediate and protect systems for the future.

9.  People don’t think before they send files. Ideally, they would think twice. But they don’t.  A lawyer accidentally sent a confidential document to a New York Times reporter instead of to a law colleague–both shared the same last name. The result: Nightmare on Email Street.

8.  People get distracted and leave things behind, including that shiny new iPad with the latest sales pricing and quotes.

7.  People write down passwords in obvious places including the same bag their iPad was in when it was left behind.

6.  People turn off security safeguards if they get in the way.

5.  No matter what kind of company you are, you can be a target. The recent data breach at marketing firm, Epsilon, ended up being a colossal 2,500 company data breach, for the price of one.  Epsilon counts brands like BestBuy and Citigroup among its 2,500 customers, or did.

4.  People upload documents to unsecure file-sharing sites even when they know they shouldn’t. Doctors, in blatant violation of HIPAA, have been known to “go outside the system” to send MRIs, including use of free dropbox-type services.

3.  People download files they shouldn’t. If an employee leaves a company, sensitive files often leave, too.  Even worse, files may continue auto-syncing.

2.  Customers get mad when their credit card information is stolen, especially when they get charged for a 3D HDTV that they didn’t order, and that wasn’t delivered to their house.

1.  You like your job and want to keep it.


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