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From Network World: Microsoft security expert warns over SharePoint data at risk

Robert Mullins’ Network World blog entry warning that SharePoint data might be at risk comes as no surprise.  Customers have come to us for a way to extend the file sharing functionality of SharePoint securely beyond the firewall for the last few years.

What was most interesting is the research done by Randy Franklin Smith of Ultimate Windows Security.  The company’s survey showed that:

SharePoint users come from highly regulated industries: 38.2 percent comply with PCI; almost 20 percent with HIPAA; and 27.6 percent with SOX.  However, 72 percent of respondents have not evaluated the compliance issues related to their SharePoint data.

72 percent.  With the high profile data breaches happening every week, it’s important that these companies work on an overall data security strategy that includes SharePoint.

With Accellion’s plug in for SharePoint, it simply becomes another choice in the pulldown menu within SharePoint that lets users choose to share certain files with added security inside and outside the organization.  That means: an easy-to-use reporting and audit trail, three tiers of defined user access, file encryption while being transferred and at rest, and the ability to set an expiration date for the file and to set permissions upon sending the file.

Accellion Secure Collaboration is a finalist for the Best of TechEd awards at Microsoft TechEd North America this year in Atlanta, May 16-19.  Feel free to come by our booth 1830 for more information and to say hello.

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