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How many of your employees are taking their iPad or iPhone on vacation?

Leaving the office behind has always been a challenge for some, but the iPad is now making it even harder. As employees head to the beach, mountains, and island getaways how many husbands and wives are sneaking an iPad into their luggage?

In the past 12 months, with the introduction of the iPad, there has been a surge in the volume of users.  According to information released by Apple for their investor community, close to 25 million iPads have been sold to date.

Many of these iPads are being used for business, and employees are taking advantage of free and low cost cloud-based collaboration solutions to solve their file sharing needs, without adequate security, tracking, or visibility for the organization.

When your employees and their partners are using free, unmanaged cloud-based services to share and sync files, you know your organization is at risk for a data breach, intellectual property theft or non-compliance.  Well, actually, because they’re using these apps and you have no visibility into what they’re doing, maybe you don’t know how exposed your organization is to a data breach.  Consider this instead: how many people in your organization do you think are taking their iPads on vacation with them this summer, and how many plan to access business information on their iPad?  iPads are also attractive targets for thieves and can be accidentally left behind.

Accellion announced today that our native file sharing and collaboration application for the iPad and iPhone have been made available for download off of the App Store in iTunes just in time for school to be out and vacations to begin.  Designed to work with Accellion Secure Collaboration, the Accellion Mobile Apps for iPad and iPhone are now available for download for free from the App Store in iTunes.  Download the app, and know there’s one less thing to worry about before you go on vacation – of course getting caught doing work on vacation might still get you in trouble with your loved ones.  We can’t help you there.

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