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In the Cloud, Outside the Cloud...Securing Your Information

In the technology world, we’ve had a few action packed weeks. First, Box announced their integration with Google Docs. Then, Microsoft made their highly anticipated announcement of Microsoft 365, their cloud solution of productivity apps that includes Microsoft Office, Microsoft SharePoint Online, Microsoft Exchange Online and Microsoft Lync. Next, Google rebutted the announcement in their enterprise blog entitled “365 reasons to consider Google Apps”. And lastly, Box jumped into the fray with a ding at Microsoft for being late to the cloud game and why Box’s open platform is better for consumers.

You might be wondering if there is any valuable information in all this noise. Well, despite the proliferation of cloud computing, Microsoft Office is still the de facto application for business – with 31 million copies of Office 2010 sold. And it’s likely that those organizations will continue to use Microsoft products. But many small to medium (SMBs) businesses and newer companies have embraced the cloud wholeheartedly. They often use more consumer-oriented solutions such as Google and Box due to lower costs, flexibility, and perceived ease of use. They are often looking for more platform-agnostic solutions and not necessarily for enterprise-class solutions, which offer the security that every business requires today.

At Accellion, we spend a lot of time thinking about how employees at large and small companies securely share and send files. In fact, we’ve built our entire business around the premise that information can be shared securely. We offer our solutions through a web interface, native mobile apps, and plug-ins for Microsoft Outlook, OCS and SharePoint, as well as other business applications such as an iManage plug-in so that users can securely share files through the business applications they already use.

For our customers that migrate to Microsoft 365 or are new to Microsoft 365, Accellion offers an Outlook plug-in  and Lync Plug-in that enables your users to securely send files to recipients.

Remember that no matter whether your organization uses a desktop or cloud solution, it should allow you to securely send information. To learn more, download our whitepaper, “Secure File Transfer and Collaboration in the Cloud: Maximizing the Benefits While Minimizing the Risks.”

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