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Beyond the Glitz and Glamour: Mobile Collaboration

Nothing is more interesting to me than watching people interact with their mobile devices, whether that’s an iPhone or iPad, Android, BlackBerry or even those rare Windows phones. People swoosh their fingers across the screen to access page after page of content…whether it’s the New York Times, Washington Post, Facebook, Twitter, and even business content. I know it’s hard to believe, but watching this behavior is actually quite fascinating. People interact with their mobile devices when they’re alone, out with friends or even on a date. Yes…I have seen it happen and probably am guilty of it too.

Clearly, mobile devices have become extensions of their owners and close attachments have been formed. Flashy people bejewel their mobile device cases with faux rhinestones. Many women change mobile device cases depending on what they’re wearing…just as they would change purses. And, of course, people who don’t care either way, or prefer a traditional looking phone, tend to have sturdy cases in “wonderful” black, grey and white hues.

But beyond the glitz and glamour involved with the look and feel of mobile devices, the material that people access is most important. No one would be obsessed with their mobile device if content was useless or boring.

Today, people want information on the go. In particular, busy professionals want full access to work files whether they’re at a coffee shop, security line at the airport, or on the road. With this in mind, Accellion delivers mobile apps for the iPhone/iPad, Android and BlackBerry mobile devices. Accellion Secure Collaboration customers can securely view their workspace files, make comments on files, and get notified when collaborators have made comments or added files to a workspace. Accellion Mobile Apps ensure that business can be conducted securely on the go, whether you use a leopard print cover is up to you.

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