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Employee Spotlight — Sooying talks about Product Development and life in Singapore

In the second installment of our employee spotlight, we chat with Sooying, our software architect based out of our Singapore office. Sooying is not only an experienced engineer who has helped create award-winning Accellion products for the past eleven years, but also a devoted mother and an avid baker. Sooying has one of the longest tenures at Accellion!

1.What do you do at Accellion?

I am software architect at Accellion. I am currently involved in the Accellion Secure Collaboration project where I am part of a team that designs and architects the product, UI, and database. I research and decide the tools and libraries to use. Part of my responsibility is also ensuring that the front end and back end systems work together. I work on the logic behind the work-flow in the secure collaboration process.

In addition to building the product, I also manage a team of highly skilled engineers to get the design implemented.

I have been involved in the design and implementation of the product since its inception. Furthermore, I am responsible for ensuring the version compatibility and evolution of the application features for our 1,200 enterprise customers, some of which have been Accellion customers for as long as 8 years.

2.How long have you been here?

I have been at Accellion for 11 years, since May 2000.

3.What led you to work at Accellion?

This was my first job out of college. I joined the company because it seemed like it would be an interesting challenge. I wanted a role where I could learn things and have a chance to expand my responsibilities over time. Smaller companies give new graduates a chance to work on many projects and broaden their skill-set quickly.

Other companies that I applied to were larger and the scope of my job would have been quite narrow.

4.What's your favorite part of working here?

A couple of things make working at Accellion great.

There is a strong degree of trust. We have a very good manager who gives us sufficient freedom to use our expertise to build the product.

I have two kids and there is great work/life balance at Accellion. Like other working mothers, I am always juggling between being a good engineer and a good mother.

Also, a few of my colleagues have been here for a long time, too. We get along very well and complement each other. That is so important for us.

5.How did you get into engineering? Is this something you always wanted to do? Was there someone in particular that influenced your choice of career?

I come from a very big family - one of eight kids from Selangor, Malaysia. None of my family had an interest in IT. However, I have always been very logical and methodological. I like to deal with facts. I chose the science path when I was in high school. In Malaysia that usually means a career in engineering or the medical fields.

I went on to study multi-media and programming at Technology University Malaysia. I enjoy doing programming as computers always follow a set of pre-defined instructions. Whenever there's a bug, thinking logically, I’m able to narrow down the piece of code in question and solve the problem.

6.What brought you to Singapore?

When I graduated from college, the region was going through the dot com boom. I looked for a job in Singapore since my husband had already started working in Singapore a year before I graduated. I met my husband at university.

7.What’s life like in Singapore?

I like Singapore. Singapore is governed very efficiently which makes sure everything works like a clock. Everything works as it should and the crime rate is very low. You actually feel quite safe walking alone at 3AM in the morning.

Education system here is quite good.

Singapore is an island full of foreign talents. It’s a very diverse.

8.What do you do when you're not building products?

I spend my time outside of work with my family. I love baking with my daughter who is four and half years old. We like to make butter cookies. I have a five and half year old son as well. Most of my free time is focused on my kids and making sure they are raised well.

Thanks Sooying for sharing your background with us. There is a lot of thought that goes into all of Accellion’s products.

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