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Catering to the Sophisticated User: Make that a "babe-a-ccino"

It was only a matter of time before someone figured out how to tap into the toddler market with a specialty mock coffee drink aptly called the "babe-a-ccino." Yes, no kidding, there is the photo in the WSJ this morning of a young man, clutching his morsel of croissant, or is it a chai lavendar biscuit, with his "babe-a-ccino." Invitingly presented in a classic espresso cup, the "babe-a-ccino" seems to consist of frothy milk, a sprinkle of cocoa, and only the suggestion of coffee.

Jack, age 2, drinks a babe-a-ccino at the Seesaw cafe in San Francisco - WSJ

So what exactly does this have to do with business users and software?  Well it's an interesting example of understanding your audience and catering to their wants and needs.  For the under five year old crowd it tends to be 99% about wants, and depending on the business user it may be the same.  In the case of the "babe-a-ccino" the toddler wants what Mommy or Daddy has, however what they need is a big glass of milk.  Enter the "babe-a-ccino" an excellent compromise between what toddler wants - cute cup, frothy milk and a teaspoon to play with - and what they need which is a decent serving of milk.

Let's face it, today's business users are sophisticated in their wants and needs. With easy access to free software they are pushing the envelope on the types of solutions they are bringing into the workplace.  What they want is easy access to information, from any device, easy file sharing with colleagues and outside partners and easy collaboration. What they also need is security and tracking so they stay out of trouble.

It's hard being a parent but someone has to do it.  Sorry kid.  No, you can't have a coffee drink.  Not least because I don't want to deal with you when you are bouncing off the walls later from the caffeine.  Similarly, for the business user: sorry, but no, you cannot use Dropbox for sharing confidential work information.  Not least because no one has a record of what you are doing, and I don't want to lose my job because of a data breach.  Now comes the big pout.

Enter the "babe-a-ccino."  Now everyone's happy.  Kid gets what they want, Mom and Dad are happy too. Consider Accellion the "babe-a-ccino" of file sharing.  It gives the business user what they want, while giving IT/Security teams what they need. Everyone's happy.

I'll take my "babe-a-ccino" to go, thanks.

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