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Go Mobile, Go Secure with Accellion

Our latest Accellion Mobile App for iPhone and iPad with support for iOS 5 was introduced today.  With this release, Accellion is leading the industry when it comes to enterprise mobile file sharing security features and control.

The Accellion Mobile App offers the industry’s first encrypted, protected container for mobile file sharing, including 128-bit AES data encryption for files locally saved on a mobile device.  For those of you with iPhones and iPads you now have a secure way to save files locally on your mobile device.

Let’s say you’re travelling on business.  Momentarily distracted by thoughts of your upcoming presentation, you leave the iPad behind at the security line.  If you have been using a consumer cloud storage app, your files can be easily accessible to the next person that picks up your iPad.

With Accellion, files downloaded and saved on to the device are automatically encrypted.  If you don’t see your iPad again, at least other people won’t see your information.  Oh, and your files are still safe, secure and available to you from your iPhone and laptop.

We’ve built a number of additional IT and security features geared for enterprise use into the Accellion Mobile App.  Learn more.

The Accellion Mobile App is a free download and works in conjunction with Accellion Secure Collaboration and Accellion Managed File Transfer.  Register for a free 30-day individual user trial of the Accellion Mobile App at:

We hope you enjoy using it as much as we enjoyed developing it.

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