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Had to Pause Angry Birds to Forward a File to my Boss

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Walk around any organization today and you will see people using the newest and coolest PCs, smartphones, and tablets. It’s not just the normal suspects that love the IT gadgets. It’s everyone from the CEO to the summer intern. Even my mom got an iPad and is getting in on the action.  It’s so easy to download emails and send photos to relatives. She takes it with her everywhere—even work. Everyone loves these devices at home and work because they’re easy to use. I suspect employees will be taking their devices on upcoming holiday vacations.

The problem that IT managers have is identifying the line between personal and business computer use. We know it has been blurring for years, but today it’s practically gone. The availability and variety of powerful mobile devices, along with the simplicity of adding apps, and cloud services has increased the distortion between personal and business use more than we ever imagined.

A new study sponsored by Unisys found that 40.7% of the devices used by workers to access business applications are ones they own themselves, including home PCs, smartphones, and tablets such as the iPad. Nearly 10% reported using their personal tablet for work—a device that did not even exist just 15 months ago.

With this in mind, most IT managers and CIOs are well aware that we’ve turned a page and there is no going back.  The real question is, how can organizations cope in a world where the line between a personal and business computer is “cloudy” at best? The answer is identifying security issues and managing enterprise data.

Accellion provides the kind of enterprise solutions that offer the control and flexibility that IT needs, while keeping users happy with easy-to-use file sharing and collaboration applications that can be accessed anytime, from anywhere. And if you have employees like my Mom, who bring their iPad to work, you’ll be glad you invested in securing your sensitive enterprise data.

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Content for this post is excerpted directly from the IDC iView 2011 Consumerization of IT Study: Closing the ―Consumerization Gap, July 2011, sponsored by Unisys. The multimedia content can be viewed at


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