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2011 Data Breach Rewind

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361 million >> 144 million >> 4 million that’s the total number of records compromised each year from 2008 – 2010 as a result of data breaches, according to a joint Verizon and United States Secret Service report. After years of increasing losses climaxing in 2008 with a record-setting 361 million records compromised, it was not clear if the 2009 drop to 144 million was an aberration or a sign of things to come. The 2010 total of four million compromised records seems to suggest it was a sign. But of what? And is it a lasting change or a temporary deviation?

Unfortunately, a new report from the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse notes 535 data breaches during 2011, involving 30.4 million compromised records. That’s up from 2011, and it’s just a conservative estimate, since not all data breaches see the light of day. "Because many states do not require companies to report data breaches to a central clearinghouse, data breaches occur that we never hear about," said PRC director Beth Givens in the report.

In 2011 millions of people were affected by serious data breaches at major corporations and organizations like: Epsilon, Alliance Data Systems, Sony PlayStation,, University of South Carolina, and Tripadvisor/Expedia. These breaches of sensitive information reinforce the need for enterprise-class, secure content delivery solutions at organizations of all of sizes, regardless of industry.

Our New Year’s wish for every enterprise organization is a year free of data breaches.  Of course to make this wish come true we encourage everyone to eliminate unsecure file sharing as a source of data breaches. Make implementing Accellion file sharing part of your New Year’s resolution.

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