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Accellion in Action: Accellion Powers Design and Engineering Projects for Halsall

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For so many businesses, timely, proactive, and personalized communications is the secret ingredient that keeps clients coming back for more. So, what’s a company to do when “communications” goes well beyond daily email and phone check-ins, involving the need to not only send, but also collaborate on, extremely large documents, such as CAD drawings, contracts, and floor plans?

For Halsall Associates – a firm that has provided engineering services to clients worldwide since 1956 – its traditional methods of sharing information both with clients and among internal team members were not keeping up with its fast-paced business. For example, the firm oversees the tendering process for clients – managing incoming bids from various contractors for an approved project. With tendering packages released weekly and including up to a dozen bidders per project, sharing this information via an FTP site or a thumb drive was overwhelming, forcing clients to manage multiple files in multiple places and hindering Halsall’s ability to provide counsel until the files were manually returned.

Enter Accellion Secure Collaboration.

Now, Halsall’s employees simply need a client’s email address to create an Accellion workspace and can then upload and download files as often as needed. One workspace per tender package provides exclusive access to bidding contractors and eliminates document confusion – a win-win.

Similarly, for ongoing design and engineering projects, employees create a single workspace per property, providing a one-stop source for floor plans, surveys, and contract documents. Gone are days of Halsall employees hitting “send” and wondering if documents were received, who accessed them, and if the files were updated. With Accellion, employees maintain an active thread of conversation for all documents – adding comments, soliciting feedback, and easily monitoring past versions. Plus, there are added benefits for IT, providing an automated audit trail with access to file activity by sender, recipient, file size, or date sent.

“Now, our staff doesn’t think twice about how to share documents,” said Noman Ahmed, Infrastructure Specialist with Halsall Associates. “Accellion is to go-to source for all internal and external interactions, allowing employees to work smarter, faster, and more effectively.”

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