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Accellion, BoxTone, in a “Healthy” Partnership

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Until recently, the thought of doctors using a mobile device to remotely monitor the health condition of a patient sounded like a work of science fiction. In fact, the potential benefits that mobile devices could provide the healthcare community have been discussed since the late 90s. With the recent innovation of powerful and easy to use mobile devices and innovative apps it was only a matter of time until the medical community joined the mobile revolution.

The uses of mobile technology in the healthcare sector seem limitless. The ability for medical professionals to access apps that provide up-to-date information about medical news, tools, procedures, and trends across multiple specialties keeps medical pros well informed. The ability for a doctor to send patient x-rays to a specialist for diagnosis using a mobile device or writing and then sending a prescription to the patient’s pharmacist is remarkable.

AccellionCurrently, there are 17,000 healthcare applications available in the major app stores. Unfortunately, as more and more traditional healthcare providers join the mobile revolution they are using unmanaged, untracked, free file storage and file sharing apps, in direct violation of federal mandates such as HIPAA. The increased use of mobile devices, file sharing, and collaboration across multiple devices, tablets, and applications has healthcare IT professionals searching for secure solutions.

The idea of securing patient data anywhere, anytime is one of the reasons why Accellion announced a partnership  with BoxTone today. Linking the BoxTone EMM solution with Accellion’s secure file sharing solution ensures healthcare IT can instantly secure, manage and support thousands of mobile employee devices and apps, while retaining complete control over access and security of confidential document- and file-based patient information.

Healthcare professionals can learn more about the secure mobility solution offered by BoxTone and Accellion in Las Vegas at HIMSS 2012 Booth 12928 Kiosk #13 on February 20-22 in the Mobile Health Knowledge Center.

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