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Customer Spotlight: Pepperdine University Gives Accellion Top Marks

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Accellion In Action: Pepperdine Secures Copier Files

When Pepperdine decided to implement a university-wide copier replacement program, the mission was to make staff and students’ lives easier. With 90 copiers across four campuses, individuals could scan documents as needed, convert files to PDFs, and send them to an email account. Sounds great, right? But, the big question facing IT was – just how secure is the process?

For Pepperdine, all documents needed to be properly encrypted, keeping financial and other personal information out of the wrong hands and enabling the university’s clinics and counseling centers to comply with HIPAA regulations. But, the encryption needed to happen behind the scenes, as the university recognized that if the new copiers weren’t easy to use, they simply wouldn’t be used by students.

With Pepperdine already using Accellion Secure File Transfer to send and receive large documents – powering much of the university’s communications – the university decided to also use Accellion to support its copier rollout. How? Users simply scan desired documents, the Accellion SMTP Satellite forwards the file attachments to the Accellion appliance, and once users return to their PCs, they’ll have a secure link waiting with the scanned items. Users don’t have to do anything new – a huge perk. Plus, with all documents sent through the appliance, the built-in security aligns with the university’s HIPAA compliance practices.

“When you have an IT solution in place that can be used to support and secure other key business operations, it’s a huge win,” said Michael Lucas, CTO with Pepperdine University. “Our users know – and like – Accellion Secure File Transfer, so extending the product to our new copiers was a no brainer.”

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