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Accellion RSA 2012 Recap

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RSA 2012 last week was a great event for Accellion. It gave us a chance to catch up with our customers, partners, and meet like-minded IT professionals. For those who've never been to RSA, it's the biggest security conference in the US.  Attendance this year was phenomenal. The 23,000 people that attended RSA 2012 had the opportunity to visit 350 vendors on the packed showroom floor.  Several RSA veterans at the show told me that in previous years, attendance has been down, the expo floor was dull and attendance was sparse, limited mostly to vendors crying in the aisles. Last year was a bit better, but this year... well, this year can only be described as very cool and kind of crazy.

As we explored the conference, it was clear much of the buzz was around mobile devices and securing the cloud. I remember reading and posting blog posts about the beginning of the BYOD trend last year. Based on what we saw at RSA 2012, it’s clear that the old rules of mobility don’t apply anymore. The question at RSA 2012 was how to deal with the reality of BYOD and the flood of personally-owned devices in the workplace.

Another hot topic at the Accellion booth was collaboration and cloud deployments. I can’t tell you the number of  booth visitors who wanted to talk about private cloud deployments and their Dropbox problem. It was obvious that the widespread use of free, cloud-based Dropbox-type applications has created new security vulnerabilities that are on the minds of IT professionals from a wide variety of organizations from around the world.

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