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Ace the IT Exam

Do iPhones, iPads, and Androids seem to be multiplying at your school location? While the proliferation of mobile devices brings huge advantages for teachers, administrators, and students in terms of anytime, anywhere access, they introduce major headaches for IT for the same reason: anytime, anywhere access. With students and staff now relying on personal devices for work purposes, school IT administrators are faced with a major test – how to support necessary information exchanges and real-time collaboration, while keeping users safe and data secure.

Institutions such as Harvard Business SchoolAnchorage Public Schools, and Pepperdine University have passed the “Consumerization of IT” exam with flying colors – turning to Accellion’s secure workspaces and mobile file sharing capabilities to support around-the-clock information access directly from users’ desktops and mobile devices.

Users at elementary schools all the way through to the country’s top universities, are doing some pretty cool things with Accellion via a range of devices: including sharing financial aid information, collaborating on research around the globe, sharing design files for campus magazines, patient data from the on-campus health center, lunchroom planning documents, and faculty research, to name just a few.

Consider a school board that sets the educational curriculum for the upcoming school year, and shares this information via Accellion with affiliated school principals. The principals then review and provide comments, with Accellion automatically notifying the board when changes have been made. The updated curriculum is opened up to department heads and teachers, where they, in turn, create and submit corresponding lesson plans. That’s the type of collaboration that’s happening via Accellion today.

When it comes to “smart” file sharing and collaboration, students, faculty and administrators at schools, colleges and universities need to be able to easily and securely connect via devices of their choosing. And, that’s exactly why they choose Accellion.

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