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Customer Spotlight: International Law Firm Makes the Case for Accellion Mobile Apps

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For law firms, being able to communicate with clients anywhere, anytime is a top priority – and a key ingredient to retaining existing accounts. No one understands that better than Allens Linklaters (Allens) – a firm that was on a mission to find a more secure and reliable way for its 800 attorneys to collaborate and exchange critical files with clients.

Allens’ standard methods of sending files via CD or FTP posed serious limitations – opening up the firm to security risks and providing limited visibility into whether files were received, opened, or reviewed. Plus, with so many of its employees and clients using Androids and iPads for daily work interactions, the firm wanted to allow users to access documents from any location – and any device.

The firm considered moving to a consumer-grade solution such as Dropbox, but wanted a more secure, reliable product that could truly support the mobility of its clientbase. After testing eight solutions, Allens found that Accellion Secure Collaboration was the only vendor that offered extensive functionality, mobile support, top-notch security, and could be hosted on-site.

“Where our data is transported and ultimately resides is very important to us and our clients. Now our attorneys can collaborate on upcoming cases, maintain up-to-date visibility into how their documents are being accessed, and rest assured that confidential information stays out of the wrong hands,” said Shawn Schmidt, Infrastructure Manager with Allens.

Allens’ IT department is also putting Accellion to the test, using the solution to upload support logs and troubleshooting data,  providing a one-stop shop for IT help desk information. Plus, with Accellion Mobile Apps, clients, partners, and attorneys now have immediate, unlimited access to the information they need – whether at the airport, en route to a meeting, or unwinding at home.

“Being able to safely browse, edit, share, and send corporate and auditable information from anywhere is a big priority for our clients and we’ve made it happen with Accellion,” said Schmidt.

Click here to read the full case study.

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