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“What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You: File Sharing and DLP”

Product development plans, quarterly reports, partner SOWs, customer account data, design specs – the list of proprietary data that you need to keep safe goes on and on. So often, data security conversations focus on external threats – due to the huge uptick in malware and security breaches – yet, you can’t ignore risks lurking within your own company walls.

According to the Identity Theft Resource Center, 13.4 percent of the total number of reported data breaches in 2011 were incidents of insider thefts. That figure represents malicious activities, but there are also a huge number of unintentional acts – with users completely unaware that they’re sharing documents that include sensitive information. You have enough to worry about – as do your employees – which is why you want to make sure all enterprise content leaving your organization is automatically protected.

The good news is that we’ve made it easy. We have taken our strong focus on security a step further, allowing you to easily integrate Accellion file sharing with leading data loss prevention (DLP) platforms, including Symantec (Vontu), RSA, Fidelis, Palisades, Code Green Networks, and most recently, Websense.  And, we’re proud to say, that we’re the only file sharing vendor that offers this ease of integration and protection.

You simply choose your preferred DLP solution, which inspects all data before it leaves your organization – scanning for confidential data (social security numbers, credit card numbers, product information, etc.) and blocking and/or quarantining file transfers that violate established policies. Basically, you establish the rules and we make sure that users follow them whenever they are sharing files. It’s automated, integrated, and easy to use file sharing ntegrated with DLP – keeping your business in motion while safeguarding your most precious assets. Learn more.

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