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Cloud Security and Storage Snafus Cause Alarm

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Service outages, application access errors, and security hiccups – that’s exactly what we’ve seen happen in recent months with cloud storage providers Dropbox, YouSendIt, and Box. All were reported to have experienced unexpected issues:

Perhaps Eric Chiu, founder of HyTrust, Inc., a virtualized infrastructure security and management vendor said it best to TechTarget, calling Dropbox “the poster child” for an application that’s infiltrated the enterprise with huge security implications.

Osterman Research, in a recent research report “The Need for Enterprise-Grade File Sharing and Synchronization” found that 49% of organizations believe the problems created by these tools are about as serious as they were 12 months ago, but 42% reported they are more serious.

Before putting your data on the line and exposing it to a potential security glitch or exposing your users to unnecessary usage issues, you must weigh the risks and benefits of a particular provider. And, don’t overlook the hefty regulatory implications if a security snafu hinders your compliance with HIPAA, SOX, and other data privacy mandates.

Many organizations are turning to enterprise-class solutions such as Accellion. While we offer the flexibility of public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid cloud deployments, 80 percent of our enterprise customers go the private cloud storage route – benefitting from around-the-clock availability, security, and confidentiality of company information.

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