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Customer Spotlight: Texas Juvenile Justice Department takes action to protect youth data.

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For the Texas Juvenile Justice Department (TJJD), the ability to communicate quickly and securely makes all the difference for the youth they serve. Operating dozens of treatment facilities, correctional institutions and halfway houses throughout the state, TJJD needed a way for its 2,500 employees to share confidential data efficiently and reliably between parents, medical staff and legal counsel.

Before switching to Accellion, staff members often turned to mailing hard copies of documents, burning CDs, or encrypting individual emails in order to work around a cumbersome file transfer and encryption mechanism provided by a dedicated TLS link. TJJD clearly needed a better option, fast.

After undergoing rigorous testing, Accellion was successfully deployed at TJJD, and the number of licenses has since grown from 100 to 600. Josh Kuntz, ISO with TJJD, cites the user-friendly nature of the Accellion solution as the driving force behind this rapid growth.

“Adoption of Accellion has taken off because it allows users to work as they always have,” said Kuntz. “It looks like email and acts like email, making it a no-brainer to use.” TJJD staff are able to send secure files quickly and easily.

TJJD staff members from medical services employees to legal counsel and case workers are now using the Accellion solution to securely share confidential youth data, meeting the requirements of new legislation such as Texas Family Code, Chapter 58, which requires TJJD maintain the integrity of all juvenile justice information. The solution has also been invaluable for community interactions, allowing TJJD employees to better communicate with family members.

“95 percent of our data must be kept confidential for one reason or another, driving us to find a secure mode to exchange information with parents, between staff members, and with the community at large,” said Kuntz. “Accellion was the only solution that met our strict security guidelines, yet made it easy for non-technical individuals to use.”

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