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Get In Control of Sync - Perception of Security is Not Enough

Do you remember the first document you saved on a thumb drive? It used to be that employees wouldn’t leave the office without one – routinely saving board slides and keynote presentations on these mini storage devices. While still a popular giveaway at tradeshows (how many have you stockpiled over the years?), the idea of having corporate data floating around unprotected is too risky of a proposition for an enterprise of any size.

This has led organizations to seek out thumb drive replacements – solutions that are just as straightforward to use and provide anytime, anywhere information access, but with more security. Unfortunately, as Clive Longbottom, Head of Research with Quocirca points out, many have made a misstep, turning to cloud storage systems such as DropBox and Apple iCloud, which are only causing updated versions of the same problem. So, IT administrators then ban employee usage, but employees continue to use the solutions anyway, creating merely “a perception of security” because nothing has actually changed.

Longbottom urges enterprises to find a better approach. One that: 1) allows users to not only view and edit documents, but to share files with required external constituents; 2) supports any device and O/S combination; 3) is as easy to use as consumer solutions; and 4) applies granular security for storage and user access rights. We know just the answer.

Accellion kitedrive™ sync – dubbed “Dropbox for the enterprise” – makes sure that confidential data is securely and seamlessly synchronized, providing around-the-clock availability of all types of files. Users can work both online and offline, from both Windows and Mac environments, via smartphones, laptops, or other devices. As with all of our solutions, security is a top priority, and kitedrive is no exception, supporting LDAP integration, single sign-on through SAML, administrator activity logs, and integration with DLP solutions.

In addition to the new Mac availability, kitedrive sync also includes new features that give users control over the frequency of sync and which folders should sync. Details on these features include:

Selective Sync - Enables users to select and de-select syncing for shared files and folders.Selective Sync makes it easier for users to synchronize the content that matters the most to them. Users can decide which content they want to synchronize and when.

Scheduled Sync – Enables users to schedule the synchronization of files and folders. Users can easily get the most up–to-date content across devices with the frequency they want. Users can synchronize content on a frequency of every 60 minutes to every 24 hours. Kitedrive is the ideal cloud and file management enterprise solution, making sure critical business information is everywhere your users need it to be.

Say goodbye to the thumb drive and hello to kitedrive file synchronization.

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