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An iPhone for Everyone: Is that a Sound Mobile Strategy?

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As expected, Apple announced the much-anticipated iPhone 5 at this week’s media event to great fanfare and we expect once available it will immediately become part of the BYOD mix.

Just a few weeks ago, Marissa Mayer, in one of her first acts as CEO of Yahoo, decided everyone at Yahoo would be issued an iPhone or Android device.  Her preference is the iPhone, in spite of being a former Google employee and she expects employees to become familiar with the platform so that they can create “products that shine” on it.

It’s an interesting response by Yahoo, who like so many organizations, has ended up with a diverse population of Android, BlackBerry and Apple iOS devices in the enterprise.

While Accellion mobile file sharing supports virtually any mobile device, we applaud Mayer’s decision to take a stance on Yahoo’s mobile state of affairs, driving toward consistent mobile access and security across the organization.  She’s tackling the first important step by defining which devices can be used.  The next step will be defining how users can access and share content securely on these devices, and this is where Accellion becomes important. IT needs management and control over mobile file sharing to protect valuable and confidential enterprise information.  Stay tuned as the next generation of iPhone users unfold at Yahoo! (and countless other enterprises) around the globe.

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