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Attach, Send, Secure: On-Demand File Sharing Within Outlook

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With 144.8 billion emails sent every day and the number projected to rise to 192.2 billion in 2016, according to the Radicati Group, email remains the preferred method of communication in the workplace – going on two decades strong. Yet, most business users aren’t able to send attachments at will, with IT typically capping outbound file size limits at 10MB.

With the Accellion Outlook Plug-in, you can extend your organization’s use of Outlook, improve email performance, and just maybe score a few popularity points of your own with your business users. With the new enhanced features plug-in users can send files up to 2GB in size directly from within Microsoft Outlook. Users simply click on the Accellion “Attach Items” icon on the Outlook toolbar, select the file, hit “send” and Accellion takes over, offloading the attachment – delivering the file as a secure link and enabling download following authentication. Attach, send, secure.

But, our new plug-in is about much more than super-sizing file limits.  It’s about giving users new features with a new level of control. Now everyone is admin-enabled and can administer file access controls and file expiration dates when they send files, deciding who can download files via the secure link and how long those links are active. And, of course, IT benefits with up-to-date audit trails to ensure the security of corporate data and files offloaded to boost email performance and reduce storage requirements.

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