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Losing ZZZ’s Over BYOC

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The high-tech world has no shortage of acronyms. DLP, NAC, TCP, WAN, Wifi– the list goes on and on, making it tough to keep track of the latest buzzwords. Perhaps one of the most widely used acronyms currently is BYOD- the much talked about trend of employees bringing their own devices into the enterprise and the security challenges created as a result.

Well, get ready, because there’s a new acronym that’s entered the fold: BYOC. Bring Your Own Collaboration.

While research conducted this summer by Varonis Systems found that 80 percent of companies do not allow their employees to use collaboration services due to data leakage concerns. Guess what? Your employees are using these solutions anyway.

A survey by Computacenter of IT decision makers found that 84 percent of employees secretly access consumer cloud collaboration solutions in the workplace because their own organizations don’t provide effective alternatives. Translation: if you don’t provide a corporate file sharing and collaboration option, employees will make a point to find one on their own, creating a BYOC ripple effect before you know it.

This BYOC movement is yet another reason for IT administrators to lose sleep. Point in case, Dan Raywood with SC Magazine recently attended a CISO roundtable and the question, “what keeps you awake at night” was answered by a panelist with a single word: “Dropbox.” So, there you have it.

Employees clearly need a way to collaborate and share information. So, you can either provide them with a solution that’s secure and built for enterprise use, or they’ll bring one of their own, which probably will not be secure or appropriate for enterprise user. What’s it going to be?

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