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Extend Your Use of SharePoint: Unify, Mobilize, and Secure Enterprise Content

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While a new survey shows that SharePoint adoption is on the rise, with 28 percent of respondents planning to deploy SharePoint 2013 within the next year and 26 percent planning to migrate to SharePoint 2013, this growth comes at a price, with serious administrative, staffing and security challenges. The survey revealed that SharePoint administrator staffing levels have decreased by 33 percent – from three to two people – and difficulty finding qualified IT personnel to manage SharePoint systems jumped from 28 percent to 44 percent.

With enterprise content often spread across SharePoint, Windows File Servers, NFS, FTP or ECM systems, there’s been no single, secure way for employees to retrieve desired files across file stores, share documents and collaborate – particularly from mobile devices. Until now…

Accellion brings together users’ content, regardless of where files are stored, providing a unified view of documents from desktops, Androids, iPhones, iPads, or other devices. Users gain mobile file access via a single, secure access point – no VPN needed – with the freedom to instantly view, edit, and share documents with internal or external constitutuents via a secure email link, up to 100MB in size. It’s the same easy browsing and access experience that Accellion Secure File Sharing has delivered to hundreds of enterprises and government agencies for years.

Plus, IT can kiss those SharePoint administrative headaches goodbye, with visibility into where files reside, who has viewed, and where documents have been sent. Apply desired security policies, including LDAP and Active Directory integration and eliminate the use of unsecure file sharing alternatives across your organization.

Isn’t it time you made SharePoint work for you.

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