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‘Tis Always the Season for Sharing

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At Accellion, ‘tis always the season for sharing.  But at this time of year, in particular, we think about all the sharing our customers do everyday that makes the world a better place.  As 2012 comes to a close we wanted to share a quick roundup of some of our favorite Accellion file sharing examples for the year:

- The biopharmaceutical company sharing test results for new cancer drug.

- The publishing house collaborating with children’s book authors

- The renewable energy company sending confidential customer documents and sharing our world’s natural resource.

- The major city using Accellion to communicate to parents and communities about juvenile legal issues

-The University sharing files to support the daily curriculum and shaping the bright minds of the future

-The engineering company sharing amazing new products blueprints and design ideas

- The global advertising agency that eliminates delivery delays and gets that Super Bowl ad completed on time

- The government agency that makes sure vital national security teams have access to the latest information in the field

-The major news syndicate whose reporters file stories with their editors using Accellion

- Rural doctors sending files to expert colleagues in urban areas to get specialist opinions for their patients

At Accellion, ‘tis always the season for sharing.

Season’s Greetings from our family to yours.

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