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Accellion in Action: MiTek Industries,Inc. Stands up to Dropbox

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How One IT Department Stood up to Dropbox and Just Said No.

With state-of-the-art engineering products and services for the building components industry at the heart of its business, MiTek Industries, a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway, Inc., regularly shares product enhancements, patches, and customer support materials with partners, employees, and customers. While the organization had provided employees with access via FTP, users were increasingly turning to Dropbox and other unapproved workarounds to support collaboration needs such as reviewing and editing files.

MiTek needed a secure alternative fast, but wasn’t willing to hand over control to just anyone – particularly those in the public cloud arena.

“With public cloud providers, there are so many unknowns when it comes to security: Where exactly are your files? How do you get files back if you change providers? How do you know where your employees are sending files? We weren’t willing to give up rights to data that was sensitive, proprietary, and rightfully ours,” said Justin Daniels, Web Services/Software Engineering and IT Support Manager with MiTek.

MiTek set out to find a secure and controlled collaboration solution to replace FTP and Dropbox. They came up with a list of key business requirements and reached out to current customers for vendor recommendations.

While you can probably guess which solution they picked, read the details on what led MiTek to Accellion and how we’re supporting the organization’s fast-paced business, including its remote sales and software reps.

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