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Printing Moving from PCs to Mobile Devices

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Today’s users expect PC-like functionality from their mobile devices, including the ability to print documents. According to an October 2011 report from research firm IDC, mobile printing is the fastest growing segment in the document solutions industry and is expected to grow from 68.3 million in 2010 to 1 billion in 2015.

As the use of mobile devices in the work place increases, many employees want to simply click “print” from their tablet or smartphone and print to their normal workplace printer. Unfortunately, this option is not available on most devices.

In many companies, IT has misjudged the need for mobile printing and is now realizing that employees need to print from these devices just as they would from a laptop or desktop. IT also needs to maintain strong authentication and role-based security features, to ensure that mobile printing doesn’t create new opportunities for data breaches to occur.

The benefits of deploying a mobile printing solution that offers robust enterprise security features and maximizes the mobile productivity of your workforce are worth exploring. Organizations that enable mobile printing can accelerate field and back office processes, save time, and most importantly improve mobile productivity.

Accellion’s mobile printing solution features embedded printing technology from Ricoh.  View a use case for mobile printing here.

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