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Headed to the gas station? Hold on to your mobile phone!

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Studies show that most of us will lose a smartphone at least once this year. With employees using their own personal devices with free consumer grade apps for device sync, mobile file sharing, and public cloud back up, this can be a big problem for the enterprise. Interestingly, where the “oops” moment happens might depend on where you live according to a recent study. Folks in Atlanta are most likely to lose devices at the office; individuals in Philadelphia at a coffee shop; and those in Austin at a gas station or garage. Regardless of where this relatively innocent mistake happens, it’s still a potential data breach for an enterprise.

In this BYOD era, lost and missing devices create serious cause for concern, according to research by Symantec. One reason losing your smartphone is so risky is that more than 95% of the time, people who find lost smartphones try to access sensitive data or accounts on those phones -- which can include shared files, sensitive documents, photos and more.

With employees bringing their own devices in and out of the enterprise, IT administrators are faced with a new challenge: how to allow seamless access to mobile enterprise content while keeping data safe, particularly when devices are misplaced.

While many organizations have invested in Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions, attention is now shifting to Mobile Content Management (MCM) solutions with an emphasis on protecting the content itself, regardless of which devices are being used, enabling users to share that content securely across mobile devices with other authorized users.

MCM solutions like Accellion meet that challenge head on with secure mobile enablement – allowing employees to work from devices of their choosing. For lost devices, IT simply selects the desired user or device profile and content is remotely wiped if or when the device tries to connect with the Accellion server. And in turn, if an employee leaves the company, files stored locally on the device in the Accellion encrypted container are easily deleted while the user’s personal information is left intact. The result is peace of mind for IT, BYOD freedom for end users and around-the-clock protection of important content wherever the device may go.

Whether you’re reading from the office, coffee shop or at a gas station, learn more the 5 best practices for secure enterprise content mobility in this white paper.

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