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Are you HIPAA Compliant?

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The HIPAA Omnibus Rule is now in full effect. While the Rule technically went live back in March, as of September 23, 2013 organizations can be held accountable for noncompliance and face fines of up to $1.5 million per violation. Gulp.

The expanded HIPAA Rule personally impacts me in two ways. As a consumer and patient, it makes my life easier. I now have the right to request my electronic health records in an electronic format. And I have to say: it’s about time.

As a Product Manager, these expanded patient rights bring a huge sense of responsibility. At Accellion, we play a critical role in helping organizations keep PHI secure to support ongoing compliance. Our solutions plug right into customers’ HIPAA compliance ecosystems and for many, serve as the go-to source when a patient wants immediate access to his or her own health data. The onus is on us to make sure that process is fast and easy and also thorough and secure. And, we’ve met that challenge head-on.

Regardless of the file transfer method you’ve implemented, the time is now to make sure it’s HIPAA-compliant. To aid in your due diligence, check out my nine steps to secure PHI file transfer. In my opinion, don’t settle for anything less to make sure that PHI gets into the right hands – and only the right hands.

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