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Departing Employees are an IT Nightmare

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When an employee leaves your company, whether on good terms or not, the last thing you want is them walking out of the door with proprietary company documents. Yet, it’s happening more than you might think.

A survey conducted by the Ponemon Institute and Symantec showed that half of employees said they had taken sensitive business documents with them when they changed jobs. Fifty percent! In addition, about 40 percent planned to use that information at their new jobs.

Now, take a deep breath; don’t do anything rash. There’s no need to frisk individuals on their way out of the building. Don’t bother searching their laptop bags as you bid them adieu. The files are likely gone by then – long gone. You should look no further than your online file sharing or storage service.

Take, for example, a recent lawsuit between two competing online game developers that was settled out of court and cited in a recent Wall Street Journal article, “Departing Employees are Security Horror.” One company claimed that a former employee had uploaded 760 corporate files to a Dropbox account just before he left the company and went to work for the competing business.

The article includes advice from Earl Perkins, a research analyst at Gartner Inc., who says that “access to confidential information should be revoked when an employee leaves the company. Ideally, revoking that access should happen automatically.” Perkins is right. You should never be left in the dark about where files are being sent or to whom.

Our transparent logging and reporting capabilities and comprehensive audit trails provide instant visibility into where information is being sent and by whom – thwarting internal data theft attempts. Plus, our remote wipe capabilities allow IT administrators to automatically delete enterprise content in the event a device is stolen or misplaced. Having the right enterprise-class file sharing solution will prevent frightening security showdowns and keep your enterprise data right where it belongs.

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