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Increasing Mobile Productivity for Your Road Warriors

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A partner at a law firm is preparing for an upcoming deposition with his staff.  They must review thousands of pages of imaged (PDF) documents from their findings, as well as collobarate and identify key areas of interests for follow-up. These documents are highly senstive and must be secured both in transit, and at rest, to protect clients personal information.  Furthermore,  he is leaving for a business trip to Chicago and would like to review these documents during the flight, so that he can be more productive.

In earlier days, he would have to print thouands of paper copies and carry them with him on the plane—and once he finished his annotations and signed the copies, he would have to send these papers back to the office via a courier.  Then a team of clerks would have to scan each individual piece of paper, and upload each one into the SharePoint site used by the legal team for everyone to review.

Legal firms around the globe are looking to eliminate this extra work, and improve their productivity by taking advantage of technological advancements such as mobile content management solutions, and the content editing, creation and online collaboration capabilities that are included. However, due to the nature of their industry, firms have a number of regulatory requirements that they must meet for data security before they can provide new workflows for their employees.

This new style of workflow not only saves a lot of stress, but also creates new level of productivity and faster access to information—not to mention saving a few trees—all of which save law firms money through more efficient lawyers and fewer overhead costs.

The value of these mobile productivity features is not just limited to law firms. Similar productivity improvements can be achived by teachers, sales representatives, or anyone who must access and collaborate with others on files out in the world. Simple and secure document creation, editing and collaboration is the future of enterprise mobile enablement.

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