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Its not all about device and apps, you should protect your data.

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When BYOD first took the enterprise by storm, IT professionals were sent into a bit of a panic, wondering how to manage mixed deployments of Android, Apple iOS, Blackberry and Windows devices. The focus was on the phones and tablets themselves – how to register, how to configure, how to set policies, how to enforce controls, etc.

But, what about the endless mobile applications available to users? Those also require proactive management – allowing access to productivity-boosting, approved apps, while restricting the installation of others. These combined needs have driven many organizations to seek out a mobile device management (MDM) and/or mobile application management (MAM) solution. But is that enough?

Let’s take a look at Southern Devon NHS Trust – a health and adult social care organization – for the answer. The company, like so many others, embraced the iPad as great PC alternative for employees. In turn, the company deployed an MDM solution from MobileIron to automate the management of devices from registration through retirement and boost data security. An excellent choice.

But, the organization was soon faced with another challenge. Employees were using free, consumer-based file sharing solutions, like Dropbox, to sync files among devices and send documents to colleagues – creating major security concerns. The IT staff had done an excellent job of securing the mobile devices, but had yet to implement a secure way for mobile content to be accessed and shared.

The reality is that if the content piece isn’t there, even the best device security efforts can quickly be negated, particularly when users are turning to unsecure file sharing services to get documents out the door. That’s where we come in. Because our mobile collaboration suite works seamlessly with MobileIron, as well as solutions from Good Technology and Symantec, organizations get the best of both worlds: granular device, application and policy management security controls, as well as the ability to easily create, edit and share enterprise content from anywhere.

And that’s a powerful combination, as David Hayes, IT Operations Manager, with Southern Devon NHS will attest. “Our use Accellion is spreading through our organization like a spider’s web – creating instant collaboration networks with independent providers, health care professionals, and other third-party providers. We have senior executives who do 95 percent of their work on iPads and that wouldn’t be possible without Accellion.”

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