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Mobile lessons from the next generation


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My wife is wonderfully low tech. When her old, vanilla mobile phone stopped working a year ago, she insisted that she didn’t want to replace it with a smartphone. She claimed the features were wasted on her and they would get in the way of how she wanted to use the phone, to speak with people. Last weekend she surprised me by deciding she now wants a phone with all the bells and whistles.  I was worried that she’d been bitten by the new iPhone bug, which hit 9 million other people in one weekend, but her change of mind was more educated.  She was learning from our kids.

Dinners have changed

I love anecdotes and stories, which has lead to many an entertaining dinner conversation. However, my kids have changed the game for me. Now when I start to tell a story they pull out their smartphones under the table and Google my stories. Unless I get every fact and nuance just right, I get corrected and sometimes even criticized! It’s worse than being a comedian in front of a tough crowd, and as much as I dislike it, this is the new normal.

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