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Attention Law Firms: Are You Hindering or Helping Mobile Productivity?

Lawyers are busy individuals; very busy.  In fact, most produce, on average, between 20,000 and 100,000 pages of documents per year. In order to increase productivity and response times, attorneys require mobile access around the clock. That’s all said and good but that presents two big challenges for IT: 1) enabling mobile access for high volumes of data-intensive materials and 2) keeping the data, which is typically confidential in nature, secure in the process.

Check out our Making the Case for Secure Mobile Productivity infographic for some statistics that might surprise (or alarm) you. Spoiler alert: 36% of lawyers who use smartphones have lost one and 46% of lost smartphones are not password protected. That’s just one of the reasons why 40 percent of  AmLaw 100 firms, boutique law firms and in house legal teams rely on Accellion.

Click here to see the infographic.

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