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Editing PDFs on Mobile Devices Can Be Pretty Darn Frustrating

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Reviewing and marking up multi-page PDFs can be a chore in and of itself. But if you’re an attorney finalizing a brief, a product manager drafting a software installation guide or a physician publishing medical research, it’s all part of the job. And often, the clock is ticking.

So being able to annotate such documents on mobile devices, whether in the office, at home or on the go, can be a huge time saver – at least in an ideal world. The problem is that the process is typically less than efficient and more critically, less than secure.

Sure there are third-party apps out there that support PDF annotation. But, they are just that: stand-alone applications. That means that users are forced to switch to the app in order to edit the PDF and then have to save the document back to their device, providing an open avenue for a data breach. Plus, the apps are clunky. Most lack built-in editing and navigation tools creating more headaches than efficiencies and causing mobile productivity to go down the drain.

If your employees don’t have the right mobile tools at their fingertips to get their jobs done from anywhere then haven’t you defeated the purpose of  creating a mobile workforce? You want to enable them to work with any type of document – Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PDFs – on any type of device and any operating system without extra steps and without sacrificing security.

That’s why our secure collaboration suite continues to evolve. Now, PDF annotation capabilities are embedded in all of our mobile apps, giving users full access to a comprehensive toolset for easy navigation, search, bookmarking and annotation. Plus, we support easy, personal, electronic PDF signatures, eliminating the need to print and scan documents. And, throughout it all, users never leave the secure Accellion container, meaning that documents are protected during the entire editing and collaboration lifecycle.

We can’t make the 80-page product guide or legal document any shorter but we’ll keep the content safe during the editing process and make the annotation experience a whole lot easier for your employees.

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