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Why multitasking is actually slowing us down


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The average person is now armed with 2.9 mobile devices. As we continue to collect new devices, we as managers need to ensure we’re keeping our workforce productive as they make the most of the latest and greatest technological advances.

It’s easy to get swept up in the power of technology – imagining all that’s possible to make your business more efficient and profitable. Take Google Glass and the endless possibilities that can come with having hands-free data right in front of our eyes. The healthcare industry alone is a buzz with the potential benefits – imagine using the glasses to pull up relevant medical data while in the middle of surgery or to help guide a doctor in another location through an unfamiliar procedure. The impact of the tool could truly be life changing.

Yet, as excited as we get about new technology (guilty as charged!), when the very tools that were meant to make us better communicators, managers and innovators start to do the opposite, we need to make adjustments. Research now shows that our urge to multitask and repeatedly glance at our smartphones and tablets is hurting us more than we realize.

Read the rest of my thoughts here on my Computerworld blog.

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