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Total connectivity. Maybe.

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I live in Palo Alto, considered by some to be the tech hub of the world that also happens to have amazing weather, but its cell coverage is ridiculously spotty. Sweden on the other hand, where I grew up, has outstanding cell coverage but the weather is nothing to write home about. In December, Stockholm has about 6 hours of daylight and 18 hours of darkness. I’m still trying to find a place to live that has the weather I crave, alongside the connectivity I need to get work done.

Everyone in the media and technology industries is talking about the era of total connectivity that we’re currently living in. However, when I talk to real people they are constantly irritated by tools that rely on the need for connectivity, thus rendering them useless on an airplane, or in an area of bad coverage.  Even with the FCC moving towards allowing the use of mobile data while in flight, actual implementation of the new guidelines will take time, and it’s still up to the discretion of the airline whether or not you can use your device.

There can be a downside to constant connectivity. In flight cell phone calls are one example – with the access of data, comes the access so that Chatty Cathy in the seat next to you can talk to her best friend for three hours while in flight. There are limits to how much my noise canceling headphones can actually block!

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