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What the smartwatch says about our mobile ecosystem

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We’re wired to do things faster, smarter, better – always looking for the next big thing to make our lives easier, our companies more successful, our countries more competitive. Sometimes this works well, like when the iPhone launched. Sometimes it fails spectacularly, such as the Apple Newton.

As a Silicon Valley veteran, I’ve seen that forward-thinking approach lead to incredible technology innovations – paving the way again and again to solve real market issues. Our inherent drive to be better fuels our economy and no doubt needs to continue. But, it often leads to an intense spotlight being put on a single device or technology, with media, industry analysts and early adopters often quick to assign a label of “the next big thing.”

The next big devices

When this happens, the hope is that the device will single-handedly change how consumers and/or employees go about their daily business. Take new high-tech glasses - they carry high expectations from the health care industry, with surgeons rattling off endless use cases spurred by the ability to view and retrieve data hands-free. Understandably so, as the possibilities could truly be life changing – advancing telemedicine, medical training and surgical procedures.

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