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Is Data Leaking Out of Your Mobile Device?

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Marble Mobile Security published its study on the top ten riskiest mobile apps, and consumer-grade productivity apps were nearing the top of the list. This is because they “can pose data leak risks to enterprises, as they connect to shared document services, or upload and download documents.”

This is an issue that enterprises around the globe are facing – employees are using their mobile devices to be more productive, but many are unaware of the data leak risks. In order for a mobile solution to be suitable for enterprise use, it needs to store content in a secure, encrypted container, as well as ensure that the content doesn’t leave the container. If the content is opened using a third party mobile editor, there is a risk of data leaking, as the user can save the document to the device, or a public cloud.

The issue of secure mobile productivity is especially relevant this week, as the Microsoft Office for iPad suite is expected to be announced during a press conference this week. While this is a good thing for consumer users who want to increase their productivity, it’s a concern for enterprises that need to secure their data. If an end user opens a document in the Office suite, there is a risk that they’ll copy the data to their mobile device where it is more susceptible to a data breach.

To avoid the risks associated with mobile productivity apps, kiteworks by Accellion, has mobile productivity tools built in for creating, editing, and accessing content all in a secure container, to diminish the risk of leaks. Learn more about how kiteworks prevents data leakage on a mobile device here.

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