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Designing solutions for a mobile world

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Despite the fact that many of us, especially those of us in the technology industry, proclaim to be living in the era of mobile computing, most of the software solutions being developed and marketed today are not designed with a mobile-first perspective.  Why is it that we as an industry are having such a hard time evolving our software designs to work with the new mobile form factor?

My opinion is that many companies just aren’t willing, or aren’t able to invest the time to re-create their solutions for the mobile world we now find ourselves living in. To create a beautiful, simple mobile-first experience, takes much more than just bolting a PC-based solution and workflow onto a mobile device. The two form factors are fundamentally different from a user experience perspective.  Not only do they not operate the same way, there are also inherent differences in how someone performs various functions on each one. Creating a software solution for the desktop/laptop first, and then scaling it down for mobile devices is just not the right approach.

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